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Giggs Kgole

Kgole was born in Kutupu Village in Limpopo in 1997 and grew up in Tembisa, Johannesburg. He attended Cresslawn Primary School in Kempton Park. His father used to work at the nearby Kelvin Power Station. He won a full scholarship to the prestigious St John’s College in Houghton through the Student Sponsorship Program (SSP) for high school. He considers this a great achievement for himself and his family as not only was he the first person to attend a private high school, but the first in his family to reach and pass Matric.

His transition from Tembisa and Kempton Park to a prestigious high school like St. John’s College was initially challenging. The level of education was more demanding and teaching methodologies differed from what he was used to. His first year at a new school was difficult and he clung onto words of wisdom from his mother who said “A man who is weak and seeks help gains more wisdom than the one who is too proud”.  In time he developed confidence and leadership skills which continue to serve him well.

His interest in drawing, architecture, film and design began early on. As a small child living in a rural area, he used to run down to the river in the mornings to collect heaps of mud to mould houses and little tractors to play with once dry. The process of creating toys and games from found resources helped develop his creativity. At 12 years of age he went through the process of initiation which is explored in his artwork.

In 2016 he was fortunate to be mentored by William Kentridge. Kgole says that this has “allowed me to express myself creatively and has guided me through the workings of this industry”. His goal for the next two years is to make his presence known, showcase his artworks and be able to support himself sufficiently through his creations.

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