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Kyra Pape

Artist Statement

My artistic practice has for the most part been a direct response to my physical experiences. Bodies are temporary entities; they are unstable and always in a state of change, yet their change retains its bio-chemical structure. The structure is contained while the body goes through transformations on a habitual basis. The body as a form is thus in a conversational tension with itself, pushing upon its own boundaries.

My body of work focuses on materials and materiality in order to engage with how encounters between the object, material and viewer are able to evoke a sensual and metaphorical experience. Whilst having a focus on materiality and the object-material-viewer embodiment, I aim to explore materials and their fluid existence. My work also explores the conversation between two manifestations of form, the contained and the fluid. The amorphous (shapeless mass) in conversation with the geometric

(planes of facets) through conflict aims to speak towards issues around the abject and the uncanny. My primary interest is in the boundaries or non-boundaries that are being pushed, destabilised or contained. Through my work I engage with ideas around materiality and its relationship to the physical body with a precise focus on sculpture and printmaking. Through process there is an engagement with peculiar and very particular materials; specifically: expandable foam and melted sugar. These two materials both have a chemical structure that allow for transformational moments to occur, moments that disrupt stagnant structures.   

Thus via an intense engagement with the body as an object, the forms are intended to affect the viewer in terms of the uncanny, the abject and through the geometrical facets to challenge spatial boundaries, for the works occupy your personal space while not consuming it.


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