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Louis Chanu Exhibition Launch

aUGUST 2016

There was great anticipation as Louis Chanu’s sculptures made their debut in the Julie Miller Investment Art Institute, in the Mall of Africa.

These works of art capture the hearts and imagination of all who see them. From magnificent dancers to cheeky fashionistas to a mom and baby in a rural fishing village, there is something for everyone.  

And the Master Sculptor never stops working. Louis unveiled four wonderful new pieces for the first time at the exhibition. He is already  hard at work on additional pieces that will be unveiled at the Walkerbay Gallery in Hermanus.


With a limited edition of only 15 of each masterpiece, many of Louis’ pieces have sold out. These new art works promise to be as popular, and as good an investment, as the others.


We are truly delighted to showcase this amazing artist in Gauteng.

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