About Us

Julie Miller African Contemporary is an art investment and management company focussed on harnessing and developing the global investment potential of the African art industry for the benefit of all stakeholders, and to allow art to make a greater contribution to the economic development of our continent.

Within this context, Julie Miller African Contemporary has three core objectives:

1. Search out talented individuals with good investment growth potential and assist them to become sought after in the global art market by:

     investing in them.

     promoting them.

     providing the tools, guidance and exposure necessary for them to realise their full potential.


2. Embrace experimentation as a company culture to:

     provide a platform that enables artists to develop by trying out new ideas and gain market feedback.

     expose the public to a broad spectrum of quality art that is interesting, unusual and thought provoking.


3. Create and enhance cross-border networks to promote and sell African Contemporary art to the international community.